Hello! Welcome to Cedar Creek Art Studios! My name is Karen, I am a self taught Folk Art artist and designer. I work in several different mediums such as clay, fabric, and paint. I am always looking for ways to improve my skills. I love to help beautify your home with unique pieces. When I am not creating for your home, I love to teach others how to create unique art.


Hello! Thanks for taking the time to view my story. My name is Karen and I am a wife and mother as well as a folk artist. I grew up in Buffalo NY, and now live in Ohio with my husband and my youngest son. As a child I loved to make pot holders, paint molds, and I tried my hand at knitting and crocheting. Both my parents were very creative. My mother sewed most of our clothes when we were little, and my father could draw and paint. My sister and I would make pot holders and sell them in the neighborhood. I hadn’t done anything creative for quite sometime when my husband noticed that I was drawing on the backs of my children’s school papers. Then one day my husband came home with paints and canvas and told me to paint. In doing that he created a monster, because once I tapped into my creative side, paint wasn’t the only medium that I wanted to use. From painting on canvas, I moved onto painting on wood. Which made me want a saw so I could cut my own shapes. Then of course I was bitten by the fabric doll bug, so I taught myself to sew, and eventually started making my own patterns. From there I moved onto working with paper clay and learning how to make armatures to create art dolls. I enjoy working with several mediums and growing my skill set. I have taught Christmas crafts for the community college when I was living in North Carolina, and plan on holding virtual classes in the near future. On Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays at 12:30 EST you can find me  on Facebook doing live tutorials https://facebook.come/cedar.creekprimitves I hope to see you there! Be looking for virtual classes, and monthly class subscriptions they are coming soon!

Events & Workshops

Painting on Mason Jars

Beginner - Advanced

In this class you will learn how to paint on a glass surface. You will receive the pattern, via email. Instructions on what supplies are needed and how to prep your surface. You will receive a link to where the virtual class is being held, along with the time, and date of the class. On the day of the class you will meet with me virtually in a class room and be able to ask questions and interact with me.  After the class you will have access to the video to download and save to your computer. You will also be able to email me with any questions .